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LifeGate Early Childhood Academy



About Us


At LGECA, we strive to offer an unforgettable and unmatched early learning experience. We believe the investments you provide for your child’s early development should last a lifetime. Combining classical learning, kinetic hands-on learning, and Biblical character training, we can equip our students with the skills they need for future success.

LGECA is a full-time daycare, our operation hours are from 7:00am - 5:30pm.

LGECA believes that it is important for us to partner with parents/guardians to achieve the greatest goals for our students. Here are a few ways that we believe those goals can be reached:


Safety & Security

A primary goal is to keep your most prized possession safe at ALL times.

All staff are vetted with strict background screenings, health prerequisites and are required to be CPR/First Aid certified. In addition, our facility is equipped with a camera system and has a restricted entrance policy.


Biblical Training

Our Bible training is a non-denominational curriculum that is taken
strictly from the BIBLE. Students will learn character building by studying the parables of Jesus, stories of the prophets and teachings of the apostles.



It is important to have a clean and sanitized environment for students and staff. We believe cleaning/sanitizing is a process that should happen continually, not just at the end of our day.


Intellectual Growth

We believe it is important to nurture every aspect of our student’s developmental abilities. This includes Academically, Socially, Physically and Emotionally. A solid foundation during the first years, will help provide a successful future.

Classes & Placement

Children are placed in classrooms based on age and developmental
appropriation. LGECA uses a combination of curriculum including the Abeka, Saxon
and other hands on exploration programs.

Infants (Beginning at six weeks) $200/week: We want the transition from home to
school to be as smooth as possible. Parents will receive a daily report
detailing the child’s day, and this report will also give notifications for any
supplies that are needed. Our infants will be read to daily and
encouraged to explore and learn from the world around them.

Toddlers (Walking to three years) $175/week: This class will introduce our toddlers to more structure. Their vocabulary is growing, and we want to
nurture that learning. We will spend our day learning numbers, letters,
problem-solving, and exploring with hands-on fun. Potty training can
also be introduced and possibly mastered in this class.

Pre-K (Three/Four years) $150/week: Children in this group continue to master their
phonetic sounds and recognition. We will introduce reading groups and
work on basic math skills. We will also work on our hand-ey
coordination by tracing letters, numbers, and the child’s name.

Advanced Pre-K (Four/Five years) $130/week: This group will accelerate their
reading and math skills. They will memorize scripture, Books of the
Bible, States, and Presidents. The Advance class will also participate in
chapel time with LGA students.

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