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At LifeGate Academy, we believe that education is a lifelong adventure. It is the pursuit of knowledge that keeps us growing as individuals, Christians, and a society. Education, then, as Charlotte Mason once said, is a discipline, a way of life. We pursue this goal through our three branches of Christian education: homeschool, cooperative learning, and full-time private school. We are a church school operating under the laws of the state of Alabama.

Full Time
Private School

Our goal at LifeGate Academy is to help our students develop their God-given gifts and talents in every way possible. That development begins with a superior academic, Christ-centered curriculum. We strive to instruct students in basic Christian principles that will lead them in their personal knowledge of Jesus Christ and develop qualities of Christian leadership and character. Through our pursuit of academic excellence on every level, we aim to help each student reach his/her full potential so that he/she can be ready for whatever God has for his/her future.

Homeschool Option

We partner with families to provide that balance between academic freedom and educational accountability. We offer support and provide many social activities for our students to grow
and learn.

Home School


LGAA Michele.jpeg

Michele Penton


English/Language Arts
Honors American Lit
American History
Career Prep
Grades 7-12

LGAA Brenda.jpeg

Brenda Vaughn

Honors Biology
Honors Anatomy and Physiology

LGAA Jennifer.jpeg

Jennifer McKeever

Lego Math and Science
Pet Shop Math
Lego Movie

LGAA Adena.jpeg

Adena Foster


LGAA Amber.jpeg

Amber McGarr

Elementary Art
Middle School Art
Art History and Technique


Stephanie Hudson

Hands on Science

Language Arts Enrichment

LGAA Corrine.jpeg

Corrine Cooper

Story of the World
Grades 4-6


Nanci Newell

Old Testament Stories
Adventures and Literature

LGAA Kyla.jpeg

Kyla Penton

Fun Learning
Grades K-3

LGAA Jasmine.jpeg

Jasmine Watts

Algebra I

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