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Full Time
Private School

Combining the best teaching methods and curriculum with solid Biblical principles. A highly personalized Christian education for our students at a much lower cost than traditional private school. We offer small group and one-on-one instruction, hands-on learning: interdisciplinary curriculum, multi-grade & multi-age classrooms

The Foundations of Study

LGA’s approach is a classical, Charlotte Mason approach to teaching and learning. We believe in an “across the curriculum” approach and that there is learning in all life situations. We use only the highest quality of curriculum, and our goal is to give our students the skills they need to prepare them for their life callings and to equip them to be lifelong learners.


Our history curriculum is a classical approach to history. Rather than give our students bits and
pieces of history every year, we learn the world’s story through four distinct time periods: Ancients; Medieval/Renaissance; Late Renaissance/Early Modern; Modern. Our goal is that our students have a cohesiveness in their chronological study of the world.

Learning is Fun


Our science classes equip and empower students to objectively study the world and God’s creation. All ages have many hands-on and lab experiences. Creation-based, our curriculum challenges students to research and dig deep into science, developing a love of learning and a

deep appreciation for the world in which we live.


We take an incremental approach to teaching math, introducing one new concept a day while reviewing past concepts. Elementary students’ learning is enhanced by the use of many manipulatives to concrete their learning. From elementary to high school, our curriculum uses real world applications, so students have a direct connection to the principles taught. High school students also have the opportunity to take honors level and dual enrollment courses. In addition, all students are required to take a financial based math course before graduating.

English Comp.

Our English and Language Arts department is focused on developing strong readers, writers, and thinkers. Our studies
incorporate spelling, vocabulary, grammar, composition skills, literature studies, and critical thinking.


Arts education is offered from elementary to high school. Students learn a variety of techniques and mediums. High school students learn advanced art history and techniques. They showcase their work each year in the annual student showcase.


LGA students receive a solid foundation in Biblical history, church history, doctrine, and
personal discipleship. Bible classes are taught daily. Students also have the opportunity to
participate in P-7, a student-led Bible study group, and weekly chapel services.

Child Playing Piano


LGA offers a variety of opportunities for students to grow their musical talents. Private voice and keyboard lessons are offered, as well as traditional music theory classes to provide students a solid foundation of musical knowledge. Students use these talents in serving in our student worship services and participating in our annual student showcase.



LGA offers a wide range of electives from ACT Prep to financial planning and career prep.   Students have the opportunity to choose courses that are catered to their interests, abilities and skills needed to enter college and the work force.   

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